Full time TENNIS program for players wanting to be a PRO

The INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM is an individualised program of intense tennis training, stroke development, tactical and psychological awareness for players serious about their tennis, especially those seeking state, national or international rankings. The program teaches self-evaluation skills to enable players to grow from every tennis experience - not just that provided by the coach.

Based on the tennis training techniques used by Pat Rafter.

The complete full time program for athletes wanting to achieve their tennis dreams.

  • Up to 12 Hours On Court per Week
  • Fitness and Sports Science Program
  • Tournament and Travel Available
  • Australia’s most awarded and experienced coaches


  • Goal setting through the use of training diaries.
  • Stretching and movement exercises, and speed, agility and skill work.
  • Specific hit-up routine incorporating technique adjustment.
  • On court drilling with focus while under physical and psychological stress.
  • Point play and Warm Down


Our International Programs are developed for advanced players who are currently playing tournaments at a state/national or international level. Players are generally 16+ years of age.


  • 5 Sessions per Week $200 (SAVE $50)
  • 4 Session per Week $200
  • 3 Sessions per Week $150
  • 2 Sessions per Week $100
  • 1 Session per Week $50

  • All International Program players must become an Academy Member ($26/Month)


We offer the International Program at both Ambiwerra Tennis Centre and Nudgee Tennis Centre. We can help create a training plan to suit your needs. First step is to contact our tennis specialist team and let them know your needs and aspirations.

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