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Three great locations

Ambiwerra, Corinda | Spring Hill | Indooroopilly

🚫No outside coaching or paid hitting
📝List all players when booking
📱Scan QR Code at the venue
🚫No multiple court booking available online. Read here



Booking Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Sheet Explained

  • Light Grey Blocks = Booked by office. (Coaching | Group Bookings and Events)
  • Dark Grey = Booked by customers | members
  • One Block = 30 mins (No 30 min online Booking) 1 hr minimum

    If you wish to book 1 hr please call 3716 0077
    To consider other players please try and book directly behind or in front of other bookings.

👍 To help other members please try to book your time slot directly behind or in front of other. To help avoid leaving 30 min blocks.

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  • Free Social Tennis at *Ambiwerra Only*
  • Available Ambiwerra Centre, Corinda (only)

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